Bull Terrier puppy goes crazy for the camera (Video) !! – Shypmag

Bull Terrier puppy goes crazy for the camera (Video) !!

January 27, 2017

Your puppy should live in the house with the family, but should have his own bed in the kitchen, where it is warm and out of draughts. Right from the start, take endless trouble to see he doesn’t make any pools in the house during the day. After each meal and as soon as he wakes after a sleep, or is wandering round looking worried, pop him outside, if possible take him to more or less the same place each time, and when he is clean, praise him, always using the same words. It is too much to expect a very young puppy to be clean all night, so put a thick layer of newspaper near the back door; the puppy will eventually use this. If he has, just pick it all up and ignore it, but if he has been clean, make a lot of fuss of him.

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